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Friday, May 1, 2009


many things ended on a good and bad note.

let's wait for 1 year later.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

doinkz. this blog seemed to be rotting away since February..

dear people, i am back! both to my blog and from china.

yes, i had just came back from china, this time from shandong and many places in shandong. a definitely better trip this time than the previous i would say. better food, better iterinary, better things and more. took a total of around 1800++ pictures. =/ wonder how i am going to sort them out. haha. but seriously nothing much to buy from there. just bought some stuff for myself, my brother, mr sim, colleagues and close friends.

and seriously, my neck is breaking, from the flights yesterday. =/

may be able to post some pictures soon. but again, maybe not. if there are, it would be up on facebook.

anyway, so not looking forward to the horrors at work on monday. but one has to face reality after a break sometimes.

still unpacking stuff at the moment. and forgot to mention, i nearly froze on the first 3 days of the trip, especially at Tsing Tao. -pengz-

off to rest now. neck breaking, legs aching, back hurting, too tired.

I blogged at.. 5:05 PM

Friday, February 20, 2009

doinkz. am back~.. and it's already February. =/ and i got the feeling that if i dont update soon, this blog will really rot.

anyway, chinese new year came and go. watched a couple of movies, which i thought some of them were plain wasting of money and time. the two local productions are really bad. inkheart is pretty good. underworld is not bad too. outlander is good too. next up, pink panther 2! =)

then more stress during work, as my department is facing many difficulties in executing our projects. and for me, just looking for a venue alone is enough to really make me pull all my hair out. not because of anything, just the super tight deadline. well, at least, i have settled the most crucial problem at the moment. hope by the time comes, please come and support my event! =)

finally met up with weisee for the past 2 weeks. got her to help me to buy an ipod. and i really think i am quite an apple idiot. until now, i havent really customise the ipod the way i want it to be. and we took neoprints the other day when we were out, and we went arcade. which was bad for the latter as i got 7 injured fingers after playing bishi-bashi with her. doinkz..

i have sort of more than halfway through the show 'ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni' and some of the parts are so sad that i kept crying. =/ and after waiting for about 3 weeks for the last disc, i have decided to buy the dvds myself. should be finishing the show by tomorrow. heh. i suddenly think that i am a show freak. haa.

this weekend, will finally have some time to go and make a new atm card as I lost my card. and the thing is, i dont even remember where and when. and i will have my chance to go sing in kbox. i got pangseh-ed 3 times last week for kbox. really doinkz.

been feeling unwell these days. i feel the need to sleep early.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

doinkz. happy new year everyone. welcome to 2009. =)

the past year was a fruitful year for me. not much of many ups and downs. but rather, i felt that time passed too quickly for me to remember any significant events.

just hope that the new year will be an even better one. i know that 2009 will be a super busy year ahead.


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Monday, December 29, 2008

doinkz. am back. belated merry christmas to all~..

had a more relaxing week than usual, though many things are still overwhelming.

caught a couple of movies - Ip Man, Twilight, Yes Man, Bolt, The day the earth stood still, Bedtime stories. Ip Man had to be the best, followed by Yes Man..

bought a few CDs too, and had great pleasure in listening to them.

and of course, christmas just passed, and i did got my wish as written on the post-it tree. =) and i do like the present very much, if the person out there knows that i am writing this.

and, almost got a heart attack in class just now due to the supposedly presentation tomorrow. i couldnt balance my balance sheet for nuts and for someone who has absolutely no acoounts background, i think i fared pretty okie to be able to come up with my cash flow balance and abit of profit and loss projection. and thank goodness raymond saved the night by bringing forward his lessons, if not i cant imagine myself staying throughout the night trying to balance some nonsensical figures that i have to come up with in the first place.

not to forget the unforgettable experience in the morning where i screamed and got the rest of the office peeps to come to my table to witness those little cockroaches on the cereal thingie. i cant believe i screamed and the world thought it was jean. haa.

anyway, i better work on my balance sheet now when i have the time, and worry more about the annual gathering tomorrow. ciao~

I blogged at.. 11:22 PM

Saturday, December 13, 2008


it had been a long long while since i last updated. lots of stuffs to update, but not really in the mood to do so. things had been pretty bad these days for me, and somehow i do not feel like talking about it.

so well, let me blog down the past happenings first. first and foremost, i went china, zhang jia jie and came back. took alot of pictures, was like the official photographer for the whole tour. food was not too bad, except that for almost every meal i was eating the same foodstuffs. cold to some extent. i am quite cured of my fear for heights after going to the mountains. my stamina is not really stronger after the trip. things were pretty cheap there, but i got nothing much to buy. eye-opening experience i would say. not to forget that i was stuck in the toilet for about 2 hours, and the toilets there.. simply bwg.

then work, as usual, more backlog, more events, more headache. getting more and more stressed as the end of this year and start of next year approaches.

others - watched a couple of movies - magadascar 2 was super funny. body of lies was not too bad. bolt was abit quite standard happy ending. city of ember was nice. the day the earth stood still was abit boring in the middle. would want to watch twilight and yes man when both movies are out.

and i guessed that's about it for the moment. will update more when i am in the mood.

I blogged at.. 11:55 PM

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

doinkz. back.

tired. concussed. puked. (not exactly puked, just the amount of things to do makes me feel like puking). terrible busy month. going to go botak soon because i am going to pull out all my hair.

caught a few movies previously - butterfly lovers, max payne, mamamia, and so on. 'killed' another event, with more to come (horror, horror..) been through a week of 'worst' week last week with one on leave, and on on mc. not all things going well.

leaving for china this weekend. will update again when i am less concussed, with more thoughts.

I blogged at.. 11:33 PM

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

doinkz. am back!

been a crazy September. work has gotten quite overwhelming till i seriously find no time to blog. bleah.

alright, updates for the past month. been through some hard times - those queries, releases and whatnots alone are enough to kill me - the amount and the intensity - plus everything that comes and goes with it. attended a funeral. some new colleagues joined. watched some movies. been a lil sick sometimes. mr sim's reservist. a collegue left. went to sing kbox with weisee. went nobel house and pierced my finger with the crab shell. crazy project work.

in the midst of some much nonsense, i managed to find some joy in a $1.50 toy called the rubix cube. been figuring out how to complete the whole thing, can only do one side at the moment. =)

seriously i feel very tired and want to go to sleep. i need to get a new pair of specs too. china trip next month. and crazy work schedule before and after that. still trying to figure out how to juggle with so many things.

"life is like a rubic cube. You decide you either turn to where you came from, or turn to make your life more colourful." - myself (and don't mind my nonsense)

btw, aries bought me a left-hander pen. shall try it. =)

I blogged at.. 10:06 PM

Sunday, August 31, 2008

doinkz.. am back once again. dont mind my random thoughts below.

alright, august sort of going to pass, in erm, 10 mins. overall not a too bad birthday month. lots of staff movements at work. dont seem too good on the overall. absolutely love mr sim's present =) and i do scold him less when he turns up late. well, caught a couple of movies over the past month - x-files, mummy 3, money not enough 2, wall-e, clone wars, and i just cant remember what else. wall-e had to be the best. =) i like clone wars too, though it's just average. housebunny up next. think mamamia is going to be good too. (frankly speaking, wall-e is so cute)

been spending quite abit when i should be saving for the november china trip. shall not buy any more things for this month. and abit stressed at work though, because my stats doesnt look too good, and i am seriously trying very hard but things had to die on me sometimes. then class is headache-ish sometimes, with super boring subjects at the moment. next, havent been meeting up with old friends, classmates, ex-colleagues and all. i should seriously take some time off work and my class. (still some short-long way to go until jan next year).

experienced some kind of weird shock last thursday, think neighbour caught by surprise too. then my room is getting more and more messy by the day and i got no idea why. looks like i need to take some leave to stay at home to clear up my room.

okie. i really think this post is super randomly structured and phrased. and i need to hit the pillow. tomorrow is bluey monday.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

doinkz. back!!

wanted to blog on 8 August to have that 08.08.08, but was too lazy somehow to do it.

and so, it's 10 August and i just celebrated my birthday yesterday and today. =) first and foremost, let me update about the past happenings over the past 2 weeks.

work - janis came in, and jul left. =/ good thing that janis had settled down pretty well. and we would be adding another member into the team any time soon - jean. workload was sort of re-shuffled. managed to have some things taken away from me, though abit sad that the magazine would not come under my main portfolio anymore but happy at the same time, because it's just too much for me to handle - like what a certain someone said. =/ sounds abit bad for me. and looking at the way things is going, it certainly doesnt look very bright for the moment.

course - finally i can proudly say that i have 6 more modules to go, despite i am not sure what are the results of the latest 3. this week is killer week, but i am so glad that i pulled through somehow - handed up all the assignments, finished all the oral and written exams. shall anticipate the next 3 modules, and of course january.

others - watched 'The Mummy 3' and 'Journey to the center of the Earth' and the latter was great compared to the former. might be catching other movies like 'Money not enough 2' tomorrow since i would be on leave tomorrow (yay!!) =P

lastly - birthday!!

first, must thank my parents for the cake (celebrated one week earlier actually). next, mr sim for the ds lite. =P (and i know i kb-ed abit too much sometimes). ellie for the earrings and necklace set. princess ariel for the necklace. tooty and ws for the vouchers. and the following for your best wishes (please pardon me if i happen to miss you name out): gr, rachel, tomo, vivian, neighbour, jean, ries, weicai, si blyan and some others etc. there's also this particular person whom i must have lost his/her number and sent me best wishes. thanks too!

so was supposed to go on singapore flyer but went to eat and watched movie instead for yesterday. and today, had steamboat at bugis, went arcade for some "childhood recollection". overall, enjoyed both days. whee =P

took leave for tomorrow. finally one day when i can say no more monday madness.

I blogged at.. 11:41 PM

Friday, July 25, 2008

doinkz. i am back again.

yes, a finally more organised me, less tired me and that's why i can blog more often these days. (though table in office is still messy, as well as the one at home). foresee major happenings soon. and the slowdown in events for this year makes me more relaxed, but makes me feel that as though i am slacking at work.

another round of exams soon for the course, and when i am done with them, it would be 9 modules down and 6 more to go. seriously, it's very tiring, but makes me plan my schedule really well. more organised in some ways or another. the big BUT is, there are many projects, group projects i mean, and sometimes i just hope for more oral tests or something. kill it with one shot, instead of writing and doing powerpoint presentations. (i mean i had enough of writing after those years in school, and now at work).

cant wait for pay day. so broke already. television at home is spoilt and seriously need a new one. now i cant watch my dvds, and programmes on tv.

and lastly, i feel like taking one week of leave just to sleep at home. or read comics. or play maple. or go on a short trip. or my fav: STONE

I blogged at.. 9:29 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


sometimes, life sucks. like some vacuum cleaner.

today seemed somewhat like a bad day (although boss is not around). i seriously hate to coordinate things sometimes. irony is, i need to coordinate stuffs everyday at work.

i dont know if i am the fussy one, or others are the fussy ones. blame it on my tiny brain - i tend to forget some stuffs that i hate doing. seriously, i think i need to be less hard on myself and heck care. and people dont understand. i am already trying my best.

just let me rant. i will feel better. i am a complain queen.

I blogged at.. 11:34 PM

Monday, July 21, 2008

doinkz. am finally back again! =)

16 days since i last updated. and..

(1) i had watched 3 movies (Red Cliff, Hellboy2, The dark knight). 3 of them were not bad. My favourite goes to Hellboy2 and that song in the movie (I cant smile without you or something like that). Red Cliff and The dark knight seem somewhat the same to me, though not really a fan of both. Ever since watching Ironman, i really think other superhero movies = no kick. Cant wait for more Ironman/War Machine movies. Next on my list is Mummy 3, Housebunny, X-files etc. whee~

(2) super sudden resignation of ah-tao. well, i mean, she would have confirmed as tao after appraisal. such a waste, but maybe she will be happier elsewhere. neighbour and i were left all by ourselves, with another new staff who just came in, and hopefully another one in a week or two. ah tao has been my ah tao since i came in and moved. abit sad though. will miss her expressive self and laughter.

(3) met up with grace over dinner. this girl is doing good man~~~ and so are the others like claire and eileen (i heard).

(4) things are looking abit brighter (at least). the hair-pulling incident was over. i had decided to stick to what i come from (pretty obvious). glad that things are looking abit brighter, and more breatheable at least. screw-ups were less often these days, as i tend to keep to my schedule well. hope better things are on the way!

(5) don't think i am going for that marketing degree. coursemate asked me if i am interested to go for it after the diploma. of course i am, but dont have the bucks to go for it. and time too~. another 2 years of working and studying may eventually kill me. think my current qualifications is good enough to land me a job anywhere.

(6) mr sim says he will work hard for me. whee =)

6-pointer update. i am done. time to hit the pillow.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008


5 days now, and i am still thinking about that. wah lao, really bad timing. and at this rate, i think i will have to let this opportunity flies away. -sigh- "do not feel obligated", that somebody says. but i am feeling that obligated. =/ it doesnt help when i know that the outcome of what i had been dying to know may jolly well only be out in maybe 2 more weeks. -argh- something which i had totally no interest is yet slowly eating me away with those temptations.

on a side note, just came back from watching hancock. not too bad a show, just felt that something is lacking somewhere. =/

been dying to go for a break. HT asked me to go for a genting trip, and rac asked if i wanted to go for SMRT challenge. sounds like good ideas.

work had been getting more and more nonsensical.

i havent really buy anything from GSS yet. (though i am quite happy to get a doraemon mini vaccuum cleaner just yesterday).

someone save me from this agony please~ those who know will know. in these shitty days, i am so glad mr sim is here to tolerate my nonsense.

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